Teaching & Non-teaching Staffs


Md. Muzaffar Ahmed

Qualification : M.Sc (Physics), M.Phil, B.Ed.

Extra Qualification : Soft Skill Training from World English Institute


Swadesh Kumar Roy

We are proud of having a renowned Institution like Seharabazar C.K. Institution (H.S.) in our locality which has been catering knowledge to its students for about 73 years with its efficient and dedicated teaching staff. “As is the Headmaster so is the school” is a popular saying. We are fortunate enough to have an efficient and enthusiastic Headmasters among us. We can never forget those local people and retired efficient teachers who work hard to set up the school which has now flourished into a vast institution. The calm and quite atmosphere of the school, free from any political interference has always contributed a lot to the all-round development of the students and their excellent academic performance. I congratulate everyone who comes forward with his helping hands and good advice for the upliftment of the school.

Acting Assistant Headmaster

Biswadeep Mitra

Qualification : M.Sc (Mathematics), B.Ed.

Teaching Staffs

Subject : Bengali




Vivekananda Roy

M.A. (Bengali), B.Ed.

Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay

M.A. (Bengali), B.Ed.

Sukharanjan Mondal

M.A. (Bengali), B.Ed.

N.C.C. Certificate

Sudeshna Gosh

M.A. (Bengali), B.Ed.

Subject : English

Reyad Hossain Mondal

M.A. (English), B.Ed

Keshab Kumar Majhi

B.A., B.Ed.

Partha Sarathi Mondal

M.A. (English), B.Ed.
M.A in Education

Subject : Sanskrit

Mala Amrit

B.A. (Sanskrit), B.Ed.

Subject : Arabic

Mabu Hossain Mandal

B.A. (Arabic), M.A. (History), B.Ed.

Subject : Geography

Soumen Saha

B.A. (Geography), B.Ed.

Tapas Dolui

M.A. (Geography), B.Ed.

Subject : History

Kalyan Chandra Mandi

M.A. (History), P.G.B.T., B.Ed.

Sanjukta Mukherjee

M.A. (History), B.Ed.

Subject : Economics

Amit Kumar Chakraborty

M.A. (Economics), P.G.B.T.

Subject : Philosophy

Shrabanti Panja

M.A. (Philosophy), B.Ed.

Subject : Political Science

Dilip Kumar Malik

M.A. (Political Science), B.Ed.

Subject : Commerce

Uttam Kumar Dhara

M.Com, B.Ed.


Subject : Physical Education

Samaresh Dutta

B.A. , M.P.Ed

Subject : Work Education

Shrabanti Ghosh

M.Sc. (Economics), M.A. (Education), B.Ed

Subject : Physics

Tapan Kumar Koner

M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed

Koushik Khan

M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed

Subject : Chemistry

Debi Prosad Gupta

M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed

Subject : Biology

Prasanta Kumar Ganguly

M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed.

Mrinal Kanti Ghosh

B.Sc. (Honors), B.Ed.

Dip. in Music, First Aid Trained

Soumayadeep Banerjee

M.Sc. (Botany), B.Ed.

Apurba Genri

M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed.

Subject : Mathematics

Goutam Kumar Pal

M.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Ed

Subject : Statistics

Gourab Sen

M.Sc. (Statistics), B.Ed.

M.Phil. in Computer Application of Statistics

Subject : Computer Science & Application

Kumud Ranjan Pal

M.Tech in Information Technology,
M.A. in Education,

Para Teachers

Radha Kanta Basu

M.A. (History), D.El.Ed.

Jaba Mondal

M.A. (Philosophy), B.Ed

Barnali Bhatacharaya

M.A. (Bengali), D.El.Ed.

Ashok Kumar Dutta

B.A. (English), M.Com, B.Ed.

ICT Coordinator

Abhisek Banerjee


Non-Teaching Staffs


Sunil Kumar Pakray

M.Com., B.Ed.

Prabhat Ganguly



Subrata Chakraborty


Neami Kora


Suman Malik


Sk. Nazrul Islam


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